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To strengthen the company’s expansion plans and help penetrate deeper into the consumer insights space, Markelytics Solutions has announced the appointment of Dr. Nalini Pippara as Consultant Associate Director for Research.

Nalini brings 18 years of rich experience in the Primary Market Research area in UAE and India with deep expertise in leading strategy-driven business transformations. In the past, Nalini has worked with various sectors like education, automotive, FMCG, healthcare, banking & finance, leisure and entertainment, human resources, and media.

Nalini’s capabilities primarily include quantitative and qualitative research and experience in challenging cross-cultural business environments. She also has experience working with various analytical tools & is specialized in leading organizations through holistic transformations and rapid turnarounds.

Speaking on her hiring, Jasal Shah, CEO/MD of Markelytics Solutions, said, “Dr. Nalini’s rich & diverse research experience & expertise adds to the strengths of our consumer insights team. She has worked with clients across sectors and scripted successful, insightful stories for clients in the past – we expect to complement these with technological prowess. In addition, I have witnessed her amazing zeal and drive as a leader who always seeks to build client success with powerful data & insights. We are extremely excited to have her on board”.

About Markelytics Solutions – With 19 years in business and operational reach in 80+ countries, Markelytics Solutions is a leading Market Research agency providing end-to-end research solutions. Established in 2003, today, Markelytics has become synonymous with trust, transparency, and business transformation among its clients across the globe covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, America & Europe.

Markelytics promises to scale up the businesses of clients and partners through its comprehensive & agile research solutions. The notion of providing all the research solutions under one roof highly resonates with the company’s offerings which are technologically advanced and help clients reduce timelines and cost coupled with enhanced accuracy and quality.

More than 25+ research offerings provided by the company are categorized under three verticals, viz. Service Bureau, Digital Research & DIY Research Platforms. The offerings include Online Qualitative Solutions, Panel Management Solutions, Global Data Collection (Online Panels, Field Services, CATI), Global Project Management, Multi-Country Studies, MR Full-Service Research, Syndicated Research, Data Processing, Advanced Survey Programming, Visual Graphics & Reporting, Healthcare Studies, Ethnographic Studies, Vehicle Clinics, Feedback System Management Platform, Brands & Private Communities Platform, among others. Markelytics also has specialities panels that include a proprietary Healthcare Panel set up with extensive reach in North America and Europe along with Consumer Panel, B2B Panel & HNIs Panel.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Markelytics has offices in New Delhi and Mumbai (India), San Francisco, New Jersey (US), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Seoul (Korea) and Jakarta (Indonesia). The collective expertise, talent, and proficiency of the team help them deliver best-in-class services to clients across different time zones with unmatched efficiency.