Get exposure to real consumers & real issues through Consumer immersion.

With the dynamic changes driven by market trends due to digitization & personal empowerment, the need to immerse in the world of consumers is more important than ever. With consumer immersion, the Markelytics team experiences our clientele business from a customer point of view to see the brands and markets through the customer’s eyes.   

The main techniques used by Markelytics for consumer immersion are – 

  • Day-to-day personal experiences.
  • Observing qualitative research sessions such as focus groups or interviews.
  • Consumer interviews and probing sessions
  • Using eye-tracking technology to accompany customers on their shopping journeys and examine their behavior
  • Observing consumers in their homes or some other natural setting
  • Video recording or diary maintained by participants
  • Living with people in their community for a while
Real consumers & issues- Consumer Immersions


For the shopping with consumers(SWC) research methodology, Markelytics researcher interviews & accompanies the consumer in the retail setting with a process-oriented approach to assess shopper behavior at the point of purchase i.e. in the store. 


In terms of the shopping path, our team conducts IDIs or videography using the eye-tracking approach to generate extensive data to understand consumer behavior. The recordings bear great potential for measuring not only consumer behavior but also situational characteristics and indicators of the retail environment. Markelytics not only take consent from the participants but also from other customers and employees who may appear on the recordings. 


We at Markelytics believe there is no better way to know how your product will perform in the home than real feedback from consumers using it in their homes. Use product placement tests for a fully-fledged product, prototype, or new version of an already-existing product on the market. We deliver products to respondents’ homes and ask them to try and test the products to acquire pre- and post-usage feedback. This enables and makes it easier for respondents to use the product at home rather than in a lab environment or a focus group facility. 


However, the testing time varies from study to study and product to product. Most product placement tests take between 4-12 weeks to complete but a few studies may require an extended period of time to gather full extensive results. 


Markelytics‘ neuroscience studies enable organizations to assess the emotional power of responders via marketing communication in a laboratory setting using full-fledged body reaction measurement with EEG, GSR and ET. 


With the EEG (Electroencephalogram) setting, we measure and track changes in subconscious responses to media to optimize clients’ ability to create and deliver brand messages that connect with the emotions of their targets.  


We conduct the GSR (galvanic skin response) test that helps us figure out changes in sweat gland activity of our participants. It reflects the intensity of emotions for human arousal, emotional excitement, and stress by measuring galvanic skin response. GSR test usually isn’t representative of any emotion. It examines the emotion intensity level of our participants.


Our in-house tool with ET (Eye-tracking) technology captures the conscious and unconscious eye gaze movement of a respondent. By tracking the gaze position & pupil dilation, the researcher quantifies & analyzes the visual attention of the respondent revealing, what, when, and for how long information is absorbed and processed. 

If you have a particular study in mind for consumer immersions,