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21 Years of unabated trust in data quality & global reach for Market Research Products. Panels. Solutions. Services. Data Quality  →
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One-stop-shop for end-to-end market research & tailor-made solutions. Attain real market intelligence & business growth. Offerings Suite  →
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Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Finding
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Stay ahead with intelligent healthcare research; delivering quality data for the past 21 years across North America, Europe & APAC Know More  →

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Sieve through the missing links for your growth & understand the micro & macro variables dictating your industry Know More  →

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Our Offerings

Tech-enabled Research Offerings with tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of the fast-changing business environment.

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Global team with a
Client-centric Culture

About us

With 200+ years of cumulative experience & having worked in niche roles at the global level, the company’s executive team brings a multi-dimensional approach for clients across Asia, America, Europe, Middle East & African regions. 

Experience & Zest

A proper blend of experience & youth to bring innovative tact

Quick Turnaround

Teams working in various time zones ensure round the clock support

Brand Commandments that keep us ahead of time & closer to clients

Data Quality

Stringent checks like digital fingerprinting, IP geo-fencing, auto fraud detection

Global Reach

Connect with your audience across the globe through our verified members

Tailor-made Solutions

Every problem is different & so is our offering for end-to-end research solutions

Tech-driven approach

Remove redundancies, gain speed & optimize costs for your market research

Drive Business Excellence


Elevate your business strategy with our expert consulting services. Get tailored solutions for informed decision-making and sustainable business growth.


B2B Research

Deep Insights. Deeper Impact.

Actionable Business Insights

Experience with Expertise

A Global-Regional Mix

Maintaining the distinct cultural connection with various regions across the globe, the genetic build of Markelytics is around its people representing multiple countries, who thrive to ideate & innovate for every research solution to its clients.

Tailor-made solutions

Tech-integrated approach

New age products

Quick turnaround

Unparalleled reach

24*6 worldwide support

Global Memberships & Affiliations

* Affiliations & partnerships mentioned can be direct or through our subsidiary companies


Trust & testimony of global clients

Multi-layered & mix model approach for stringent checks

Data Quality
ISO Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 Certified

At source checks

Digital fingerprinting, IP geo-fencing, et al

Default checks

Automatic fraud detection technology


Continuous panel engagement & elimination process

Live checks

Tech-enabled monitoring of surveys

Group Companies