Online Brand Communities

An online community tool for building brand advocates by profiling individuals, tracking activities, managing queries & accounts and engaging members with surveys, discussion, and polls coupled with image/video-based questions to maintain an active and healthy environment in the group. 

Take charge of your customers & grow your business by using this product in multiple ways:

Online Brand Communities

Build Private Communities

Consumers/Community Engagement

Loyalty Solutions

Online Brand Communities


Custom Profiling

Create/Post Polls & Surveys

Create Post & Discussion

Rewards Management

Ticket System

Bulletin Board

Comment Visibility

Multiple Post Transcript

Connect, Communicate & Comprehend:

A Product to Build, Maintain and Manage Online Communities.

Four steps towards interesting feedback

Create Community

Create your online community with custom brand elements

Add members via the existing consumer database, or new consumers

Profile them based on profiling or screening questions

Target them precisely to make better business decisions

Manage Activities

Test concepts and ads

Leverage your online community for concepts before going live Check the engagement level for your posts & enhance accordingly

Observe responses and comments in real-time as per requirement, set visibility of member’s comments by enabling Comment Visibility

Engage Community

Collaborate with your communities

Select medium to engage - surveys, discussions, posts

Set up discussion with limited participation via Bullet board. Provide points/incentives for increased engagement

Send communique of engagements via Email, SMS, & Push Notifications

Transcripts & Results

Get feedback in a format that can help derive actionable insights. See poll/survey results, post-reaction results, comment frequency

Download the bulletin board or post transcripts altogether. Select manually or get up to 20 post transcripts together. Analyze the responses & engagement overview

Use the derived information to make better business decisions