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The B2B market has evolved a lot over recent times, escalating the need for market research in the domain. B2B sector requires extensive market research over several metrics to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, competition, opportunities etc.

Our B2B market research assists B2B organizations in getting closer to their customers. Markelytics has a long history in B2B market research, having begun over 21 years ago as a market research agency specializing in the B2B sector. We have extensive experience conducting research with hard-to-reach B2B audiences all over the world. From CMOs and CFOs to procurement tenders and machinery dealers, you can rely on us not only to find the people you need to reach out to but also to design a research strategy that will help you gain rich insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. For leading B2B organizations, our research drives thought leadership, business consulting, and strategy development.

With our B2B global panel combined with cutting-edge technology and new analytics & data collection tools, we make this rigorous process easy and fast without compromising the accuracy of our findings. 

ITDMs Interviews

IT Decision Makers or ITDMs have risen to become one of the most important catalysts needed to take key decisions regarding technology purchases. Our extensive panel enables us to collect unbiased data to deliver the best results in terms of precision and detail. 

CXOs Interviews

A Chief Experience Officer or CXO plays a crucial role in providing key findings in the research process. Their role in the research process is as important as their role in any organization. The detailed inputs and perspective they contribute to the research process helps in magnifying the findings. Our team believes covering every aspect of the domain to bring forth the most authentic results. 

KOLs Interviews

We conduct research by including people from all the hierarchies to leave no stone unturned in conducting research for our clients. Our comprehensive panel of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) lets us provide our clients with quality data cost-effectively. 

Industrial Research Interviews

We have our own set of panels that include industry experts from various research fields with whom we conduct interviews as per the requirements of our business clients. We make sure that we deliver key findings, in terms of both quantity and quality, to our clients that influence major decisions for their companies. 

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