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Fantasy Sports was a foreign concept for Indians until the later half of 2010s. The first fantasy sports platform, Dream11, was launched in 2008. In a country where cricket is more than just a sport but a passion, the launch of this platform gave immense popularity to the domain. This ever-increasing rise of fantasy gaming platforms now presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to invest in. As the industry continues to expand at a remarkable pace, it’s essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on this burgeoning market. Let’s delve deeper into the insights revealed by our latest research to understand the landscape and uncover strategies for greater success.

Industry Growth and Investment Outlook

According to projections, the fantasy gaming industry in India is poised to grow at an impressive 37% CAGR by 2027. With spends in the sports ecosystem expected to reach INR 6500 Cr. in 2027 from INR 3100 Cr. in 2022, there’s no denying the immense potential for growth and profitability in this sector.

Industry Growth: Projections & spends - Fantasy Gaming Insights

Surge in Industry Players

Over the past five years, the number of players in the fantasy gaming industry has skyrocketed from 70 to 300. Some key players include Cricket, Daily Fantasy, Rummy, Poker etc. Among them, Dream11 stands out with a commanding 91.4% market share, showcasing its dominance in the market.

Surge in Players: Key figures - Fantasy Gaming Insights

Cricket’s Unrivaled Supremacy

Cricket remains the undisputed king of fantasy sports in India, boasting an impressive 85% user base. While other games like Kabaddi (26%), Football (22%), Basketball (7%), and other games (12%) which includes Handball, Hockey, American Football, Futsal and Baseball also enjoy popularity, none can rival the widespread appeal of cricket among Indian audiences.

Untapped Opportunities in Rural India

With 54% of India’s 821 million active internet users residing in rural areas, there’s a vast untapped market waiting to be explored. Despite limited internet access, rural users spend an average of 1.5 hours per day online, indicating significant potential for engagement.

Rural Opportunities: Untapped market - Fantasy Gaming Insights

Online Gaming Landscape

While 65% of active internet users in India are gamers, only 100 Mn of them are currently involved in fantasy gaming. This gap represents a substantial opportunity for platforms to expand their user base and drive growth in the coming years.

Online Gaming Landscape: User Engagement - Fantasy Gaming Insights

User Persona of Online Fantasy Sports

Understanding the user persona of online fantasy sports enthusiasts is crucial for businesses looking to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies effectively. By identifying key segments such as rural internet users, non-gamers, other real money gamers, and casual gamers, companies can gain valuable insights to inform decision-making and maximize their market impact.

User Persona: Tailoring strategies - Fantasy Gaming Insights

At Markelytics, we specialize in providing in-depth research and analysis to help businesses navigate the dynamic landscape of fantasy gaming in India. We offer comprehensive insights into various segments, including rural internet users, non-gamers, other real-money gamers, and casual gamers. With a keen understanding of the market landscape and stakeholders, including competitors, intermediaries such as OTTs and VC/PE firms, and diverse consumer demographics, we offer unparalleled strategic guidance. Our expertise extends to deciphering user personas, and persona-based segments, and discerning their evolving needs and expectations. Moreover, our versatile team is adept at operating in both rural and urban markets, proficient in regional languages and dialects. With a proven track record in conducting complex financial inclusion studies with rural customers, we bring invaluable insights that will enable you to assess business opportunities more effectively, make informed decisions, and thrive in dynamic market environments.

As the industry continues to evolve, staying ahead of the competition requires a deep understanding of market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities. With our expertise, you can gain a competitive edge and capitalize on the immense potential of the fantasy gaming market in India. For detailed information on our services & experience, reach out to us at

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