Chocolate Market in India

In the fiscal year 2022-23, India experienced a substantial surge in the demand for luxury and premium imported chocolates, importing US$ 27.84 million worth of chocolates, marking a remarkable 45% Year-on-Year increase, as per a recent report.

At Markelytics, we recently conducted a study on the imported chocolates market in India, uncovering 15 transformative insights for chocolate brands aiming to excel in their business expansion plans. The study included a diverse demographic, consisting of 55% male and 45% female respondents across 10 major Indian cities, all aged 18 and above. Among these respondents, 75% were from metro areas and the rest were from tier 1 cities. Explore the insightful findings below:

1. Chocoholics Unite: The 22-30 & 31+ Age Groups Dominate the Chocolate World  

Sink your teeth into this statistic: 86% of premium chocolate enthusiasts belong to the 22-30 and 31+ age brackets. Chocolate businesses, set your sights on these demographics; they’re your golden ticket to success!

2. City Lights, Chocolate Delights: 75% of Choc Lovers Call Metros Home

Urbanites can’t resist a good chocolate fix! Chocolate companies should channel their marketing efforts into city landscapes; they’re the bustling hubs where your consumers reside.

3. Online Cravings: 75% Prefer Clicks Over Bricks for Chocolate Purchases

In this digital era, the chocolate world spins online! Craft a compelling online presence for success through sleek websites and captivating digital campaigns.

4. Sweet Spot Spending: Rs. 1001 to Rs. 5000 – Where the Wallets Open Wide  

This spending range captures consumer’s hearts. Craft products and offers within this price bracket for substantial sales.

5. Health Buzz: 58% Seek Health Benefits in Their Chocolates  

Appeal to health-conscious consumers by highlighting the health perks of your treats.

6. Flavour Frenzy: 57% Crave Premium & Unique Flavors   

Satisfy those taste buds! Showcase your unique flavour concoctions to entice the majority of consumers driven by their palates.

7. Uniquely Irresistible: 56% Love Chocolates for Their Uniqueness  

Craft a narrative around your chocolate’s distinctiveness. Uniqueness sells—highlight what sets your chocolates apart.

8. Gift-Worthy Goodness: 52% Buy Chocolates for Gifting

Gift-giving goldmine alert! Capitalize on this inclination by offering special gift packages or limited-edition collections.

9. Self-Love in Chocolate: 86% Choose Chocolates for Personal Consumption

Create an indulgent self-care narrative! Chocolate marketers should emphasize the joy of self-indulgence to cater to the majority who buy for personal pleasure.

10. Family Feasts: 81% Purchase Chocolates for Family Bonding

Chocolates, the glue for family gatherings! Create family-oriented packaging or deals, drawing in the sizable chunk purchasing for shared enjoyment.

11. Friendship & Chocolate: 52% Buy for Their Buddies

Celebrate the joy of sharing! Create social-sharing campaigns or limited-time friendship bundles to capture this market.

12. Emerging Town Temptations: 25% Love Chocolates in Emerging Towns

Chase new horizons! Entrepreneurs can explore emerging towns as potential growth areas through targeted campaigns and local engagement.

13. Customization Craze: Tailoring Chocolates to Diverse Desires  

Personalize the chocolate experience! Businesses can offer customizable options to cater to varied tastes and preferences.

14. Data-Driven Decadence: Personalized Marketing for Every Demographic  

Get savvy with data! Utilize consumer segmentation to curate personalized marketing strategies for different age groups and demographics.

15. Constant Adaptation: Staying Ahead Through Consumer Engagement

Stay nimble and evolve! Engage with consumers regularly to adapt products and strategies to their ever-changing preferences and needs.

Understand the immense market potential of the imported chocolate industry in India. Feel free to reach out to us at and discover how we can assist you in seizing and maximizing this booming opportunity for your business expansion.

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