Interpret the social phenomena from the perspective of the life experiences of your participants.

Markelytics provide access to IDIs/FGDs participants in over 80+ countries. We conduct all online qualitative research that includes focus groups, IDI and communities. We have tech-enabled tools and processes prepared for the recruitment, verification, and participants setups for our IDIs/FGDs. 

In depth and focused group discussions.


In-depth interviews at Markelytics are structured loosely, allowing freedom for both the interviewer and the interviewee to explore additional points and change direction, if necessary. Our in-depth interviews offer the opportunity to collect rich & descriptive data about how individuals think and behave and unravel complex processes. 


Depending on the needs of the research, we employ it as a single research technique or as part of a multi-method design. Our team conducts face-to-face or structured online one-on-one video/audio interviews with our DIY products that run 30 to 60 minutes each to ensure a high level of understanding of the responses. Our interview is more of a guided conversation that allows the respondent’s opinions to be flushed out through open-ended questioning.


Markelytics leverage data gathered from interactive discussion among participants from online bulletin boards & communities for qualitative research. Our bulletin board & online community DIY tool for discussion threads allow participants with 10+ engagement types with different profiling attributes. It allows participants to sign in, create/post polls & surveys, answer questions, read postings, post content, upload, download files et al.  


We consider bulletin boards discussions & online communities to be very engaging and use them as a comprehensive approach to Qualitative Research. Markelytics has the unparalleled ability to harvest the best insights for exploratory research questions and offers a cost-effective interaction with respondents globally. 


With our global online reach of 1.1 Mn B2B & 540K Healthcare professionals, Markelytics is an expert in interviewing business decision-makers & healthcare professionals, allowing us to explore complex issues and collect rich, descriptive data.  


Carried out through F2F, Online, CAPI, or CATI, we have developed different projective techniques, enabling us to explore research in as much detail as possible. Whatever the medium of the interview, the interviewer follows lines of questioning as appropriate to the respondent, probing specific areas of interest and/or knowledge with the flexibility to change the line of questioning, if necessary. 

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