Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a new car hits the market? That’s where car clinics come in! These immersive research environments put real consumers in the driver’s seat, providing invaluable feedback that drives innovation in the automotive industry. At Markelytics, we combine cutting-edge methodologies & extensive industry expertise to create engaging car clinic experiences, that provide actionable insights into customer preferences, market trends, & product performance.

Our Expertise

  • 10+ Clients Served
  • 20 Days Avg. Timeline
  • Customized Display Area
  • Full Lighting Grid
  • Simultaneous Translations
  • Video & Remote Solutions
  • FGD room for 7-8 person
  • Nationwide Recruitment in India
  • 100% Validated Recruits

How are we better?


We do admit that while commissioning any market research project, you look out for expertise & proven results for reassurance that your project is in the right hands. Though we may not provide you with the complete details due to client confidentiality & data privacy, we want to give you a sense of the work we do and the difference we make to our clients’ businesses.

Find a few samples of our case studies. To browse more, please click the know more button. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss anything in detail over the call, we’d be happy to guide you in your areas of interest.

We can create customized recruitment plans for high-end car owners & HNIs, considering their distinct preferences and availability