IPL is a goldmine for brands seeking to connect with a massive and engaged audience. It has taken cricket fandom to a whole new level. As the IPL 2024 unfolds, we have been witnessing transformative trends in cricket fandom, signaling a paradigm shift in viewer engagement. This year’s edition is smashing records, with 350 million viewers tuning in for the first 10 matches, a 20% increase in watch time compared to 2023, and a whopping 1,276 crore minutes watched on opening day alone. Week 4’s revelations spotlight the evolving landscape, showcasing the enduring allure of extended engagement and the burgeoning digital revolution sweeping across IPL viewership.

  • Extended Engagement: Nearly 70% of fans engage in pre-match analysis, reflecting a deep appetite for in-depth commentary and expert opinions. This indicates a shift towards more immersive experiences beyond the actual matches, highlighting fans’ desire for comprehensive insights and discussions. 
  • Digital Delight: Jio Cinema emerges as a preferred platform for 46.8% of live match viewers, while 39.8% opt for multi-platform approaches, underlining the digital arena’s growing significance in cricket consumption. With the convenience of digital platforms and the accessibility they offer, fans are increasingly turning to online mediums for their cricketing fix, reshaping how the sport is consumed. 
  • Catering to Modern Viewers: Digital platforms cater to the evolving preferences of modern cricket enthusiasts by offering personalized experiences and on-the-go streaming. This flexibility and convenience align with the lifestyle of contemporary audiences, who value access to content anytime, anywhere. 
  • OTT Ovation: Over-the-top (OTT) services like Jio Cinema enrich the viewing experience with supplementary content, from pre-match analyses to behind-the-scenes insights, enhancing viewer engagement. These platforms go beyond live match coverage, providing additional context and perspectives that deepen fans’ connection to the sport. 

These figures paint a clear picture, but how can the brands leverage this data to maximize their ROI? Introducing IPL Brands Insights Study 2024 – your Guide to IPL Marketing Success! Get crucial insights on: 

  • Brand Recall & Uplift: Identify the most popular teams and players to maximize brand association and recall. 
  • Call to Action: Discover which ad placements drive the most engagement, optimizing the ad spend for results. 
  • Fan Insights: Understand the IPL audience, their demographics, and desires to tailor messages that resonate with them 
  • Top Teams: Partner with the hottest teams, capitalizing on their massive fan base. 

Understanding and leveraging these shifting trends are crucial for stakeholders to maximize audience engagement and elevate the tournament’s global impact. Markelytics‘ IPL Brands Insights Study 2024 serves as an essential guide in navigating IPL marketing intricacies, providing valuable insights to adapt strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the dynamic landscape of cricket fandom. With our Study, you can easily turn insights into actions with: 

  • Data-driven Ads: Craft targeted ads based on our insights to connect with specific fan segments. 
  • Social Media Blitz: Fuel fan engagement with interactive campaigns and real-time content based on match happenings. 
  • Exclusive Content: Partner with teams/players to offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content or merchandise, building excitement and loyalty. 

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