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Meet Prem, a veteran at Markelytics for over 13 years. A highly respected, dynamic individual, filled with zealousness to perform any tasks and excellent in his field of work, is one of those inspiring people that everyone should learn about.

Give a snapshot of your career progression over the years at Markelytics? 

It’s been a wonderful time at Markelytics for the last 13+ years and I would like to look back at the initial days when I started here as a ‘Data Analyst’ and the growth it provided. My career progression here has been built on a strong foundation of research processes and this gradual transformation has made me a better research professional and a better human being. It makes me feel good to have walked along with the company for these many years and to have witnessed its phenomenal growth. It’s great to be a part of this culture!

Describe your team. 

If I described my team in one word, it would be ‘Young Blood’, which the Cambridge dictionary itself defines as people who have a lot of energy and ideas, and that’s my team.

Why do you think anyone should choose Markelytics to work? 

Markelytics is a great place to work with, we have people from different cultural backgrounds, yet, each of us bond, support and create a friendly environment. The ecosystem of Markelytics supports a near-perfect work-life balance which is a key for every employee in today’s generation.

Describe yourself in three words. 

I’m a people’s person! 

What is your management style? 

I don’t follow one style of management. It depends on the need and the situation at that moment. But it is always in the best interest of the client and my team. In a nutshell, the delight of clients and the happiness of my team members are at the core of every decision I make. Sometimes, it is a challenge, but I’m privileged to lead a team of mature professionals who hold high corporate ethics.

Share a fun fact that no one knows about you. 

Watching Cartoons (Tom & Jerry) with my kid. 

What are the three things that you look out for before hiring any candidate? 

  • I would start with intelligence and confidence – you know anybody’s level of intelligence determines 76 percent of their productivity, and the level of confidence adds to it. 
  • Look for a career-oriented person – I would want to bring onboard someone who knows what they want from their next job and their career. 
  • Team player and a person who has the desire to learn more. 

Role of your team in the success of Markelytics. 

The Project Management team plays a vital role in executing the complete project. It starts with managing the operations, from data collection to getting the final report out to the client. Every year we strive and have successfully handled and executed 300+ projects for clients around the world.

One liner for someone who is new at Markelytics. 

It is one of the places where you get to learn new things. Most importantly, the art of becoming a perfectionist is what makes us stand out as career builders for many professionals.

Your motivational pill for the team. 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure – Colin Powel 

Your mantra of life 

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. 



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