Senior Manager - Reporting

Hema has been working with Markelytics for the last 14 years and we can proudly say that she has been one of the most important pillars of our growth and success. She has been an indispensable asset in this journey and provided her strength and support with full dedication and hard work. Her continuous efforts and commitment towards Markelytics have highly contributed towards our escalation on the corporate ladder. Currently, she heads the Reporting Team and is responsible for leading the team to complete tasks and meet goals. She is also the in charge of setting these goals and tracking progress toward them & share the future goals or plans with her team members to ensure everyone is aware of the expectations. She also oversees quality control and helps in managing resources for the company. 

Hema is an accomplished & goal driven executive, offering more than 14 years of experience with management. She is diplomatic & able to cultivate productive working relationships with employees. 

She has completed her bachelors in Computer Science. 

In her free time, Hema likes to draw. She also harbours immense love for travelling.