Conduct statistical investigation for each and every element/unit of the population.

Get an accurate assessment of Policy Needs, Evaluation, and Public Opinion through Social Research. Markelytics has a strong team of experts who are highly experienced in comprehending societal issues and providing assistance with statistical and econometric data analysis. We have been collaborating with social workers, researchers, and health and development economists to generate high-quality evidence on developmental efficacy in order to improve the lives of deprived people globally.

Markelytics specialises in conducting nationwide and large-scale surveys for non-profits, non-governmental organisations, local governments, and central governments in North America, Asia, and Europe using online and offline research methods. 

We conduct Program Monitoring and Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy Effectiveness Measurement, Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) research and design by employing a large global field force that is trained, briefed, and monitored by local supervisors and partners.

Markelytics caters to the following verticals –

  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Housing Finance Support Services
  • Resident Survey
  • Microfinance companies
  • Population, Family Welfare and Planning
  • Environmental Status
  • Rural and Urban Development

Conduct seamless social research through

Global Consumer Panel

Census Research

Global Healthcare Panel

CSR Activity Effectiveness Research

B2B & HNIs Panel Book

NGOs Research

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