Employee engagement

Finding it hard to boost employee engagement in these unprecedented times? Here’s how we leveraged the IPL to boost employee engagement instantly

It is 2 pm. The grand festival of the cricket is about to kick off in 3 days. The office is buzzing with excitement, so much that you could almost feel the oozing of emotions. Chitter-Chatters around the office are increasing by the hour. Everyone is making predictions about the tournament opener and bantering others who think otherwise. It’s a fun and joyous atmosphere. People seemed to have forgotten about the unprecedented times we were living in and were rather enjoying the regularities of everyday life.

An outlier
But would it last? The company wanted to bask in the momentum rather than watch it stop in its tracks. But, What could we do? The ongoing crisis has pulled us so far back emotionally that it’s almost impossible to live without constant fear and worry. Nevertheless, this was an opportunity for us, an outlier, to bring about a little bit of normalcy.

We could not let this pass.

After being perplexed for quite some time, We decided to put our employees’ predictions to the test and planned to launch an intra-company quiz competition based on the IPL 2021.

A competition where employees answer a few questions every day before the matches start and earn or lose points for correct and wrong guesses, or educated guess, if I may say so. We also wanted to maintain a leaderboard throughout the tournament to award weekly winners on the lines of Player of the Match and, once the IPL campaign ends, a final winner on the lines of Player of the Tournament.

All set but not yet! How do we pull it off?

Well begun is half done: AvidCircle, a SAAS- based product for building & managing Community

The ongoing crisis has created a disintegration among employees’ schedules. Most of the employees are working from home and few from the office. We required a platform that could help us bring all the employees to one place. Something that could help them engage with one another, participate in the contests, and check their points tally.

AvidCircle helped us do all that and more.

The next step was to display the leaderboard and the answers to the previous match’s questions to the players, allowing the process to be transparent & an opportunity for participants to verify the points tally.

We put together a roadmap to build a community of our people on AvidCircle to promote and drive employee engagement during the competition & much more. AvidCircle also enabled us to display match-wise answers and leaderboards, a crucial factor in choosing the tool for our specific needs. We had taken the first few steps and wanted to build on that.

The missing Link: AvidIntelli, an online survey creation & feedback tool for the future

But now, we knew something was missing. A tool that could seamlessly be integrated & used alongside AvidCircle; a tool that could help us create the survey, store the data generated internally, and analyze those data every day to come up with a points table for the employees to check out. Doing so was required to strike the friendly rivalry and healthy competition among players we desired.

After putting in much thought, we decided to go with AvidIntelli for creating the daily surveys and data collection. It gave us the freedom and flexibility to create, share and pause the contest before the match started every evening. The user data updates in real-time, and we can export it in different formats at any time. We then analyzed the responses to create a leaderboard for every match. We also made a few tweaks here and there to improve the contest after dissecting the answers.

Ingenious integration of AvidCircle and AvidIntelli to craft the perfect solution

Okay, so everything’s ready to go now? NO!

A plane flies when we have the plane and the pilot. One without the other will stay on ground level. Before we started working on the contest, we knew we had to seamlessly integrate everything from contest promotion to announcing leaders for flawless execution.

The ingenious integration of AvidCircle and AvidIntelli came to our aid, and we were able to craft a perfect solution. It was so simple, like creating a template for the first time and reusing it when needed. Every step of our contest flowed in sync, one after the other, like a beautiful orchestra.

The All-in Culture

Ours is not a culture of segregation but a culture of inclusion. We had zero interest in designing a contest exclusive to a select few. We wanted to provide all-in access and a level playing field.

At Markelytics, we foster a culture based on equality without hierarchy. A place where everyone from the higher level of the pedestal to lower levels enjoys equal opportunities.

It just so happens that Narendra, a member of the Housekeeping department, was the Leader of Week 1 of the contest. He had outsmarted all of us. Oh, how ecstatic he was when he got the news, priceless!

We had achieved what we set out to do.

Time for some final thoughts

Cricket is proving to be an escape from the grim reality of COVID-19 for many of us. The anticipation this year, although similar, felt different. COVID forced us into isolation, and we had to remain distant from our loved ones, but this IPL has brought the feeling of togetherness back, although virtually but effectively.

And that’s why we decided to join in on the fun and not be mere bystanders. As a result, we were able to boost employee engagement in our online Community and created something they look forward to every day; in fact, it’s an ongoing contest, and we are all super excited!

IPL has a fair play award which is in line with our office culture. We conducted the contest without any discrepancies while keeping a level playing field for everyone.

And that’s it, the story of ‘The Non-Strikers Premier League’.