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    48 hours recruitment turnaround assured on any gen pop study

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    800 IDIs & 75 FGDs/MGDs
    every month on an average

    MR Services. Solutions. Panels & Products.

    New world of 360° research

    Our Services

    • Shop with Consumers
    • IHUT/Product Placement
    • Neuroscience Studies
    • In-home ethnos
    • Hospital surgery ethnos
    • Mystery Shopping/Audits
    • Workshops
    • Insights Community/Online Bulletin Board Discussion
    • B2B/HCPs Discussion
    • Kitchen Tests
    • Taste Tests
    • Sniff/Fragrance Tests
    • Gang surveys
    • Ad Test
    • Concept Test

    Our New-Age Product for Online IDIs/FGDs

    Redefine brand engagement with your customers in this digital world

    Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding
    Heat Mapping
    via Eye
    Backroom participation
    for clients
    10+ other

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