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Online Qualitative Solutions, a DIY platform for all your research needs; experience IDIs and FGDs at ease. One product that gives you a multitude of solutions, including Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding, Heat Mapping via Eye Tracking, Transcription. Feature-loaded & with multi-applicability, this product has increased the bar for value-adds that our clients get through any Online Qualitative Solutions.

Use this Product for:

  • Online Qualitative Solutions
  • Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding
  • Heat Mapping via Eye-tracking
  • Audio/Video Conferencing

How it Works




  • DIY PLATFORM: Set up call/discussion within minutes and all by yourself.
  • Digital One-way Mirror or BACKROOM PARTICIPANTS: Clients can view the entire discussion without the knowledge of respondents and interact with moderators.
  • IN-CALL POLLS: Run multiple polls during the discussion.
  • POLLS VARIATION: Choose among five types of polls.
  • PRIVATE/GROUP CHAT: Respondents can chat privately or in the group with the moderators.
  • INTERACTIVE CHAT: Share files, images, audio, and video during the call.
  • MUTE/UNMUTE: Focus is important in discussion, and moderators can mute/unmute any respondents.
  • BEHIND THE SCENE INTERACTION: Clients can interact with moderators at any time and can guide them on specific requirements.
  • INSTANT JOIN: Join a call within 30 seconds. No installation required.
  • ON-THE-MOVE INTERACTION: Respondents have the flexibility to install our app and join on the go.
  • SPEAKER IDENTIFIER: Identify who is talking with a simple frequency band to have a smooth discussion.
  • SCREEN SHARE: Keep a tab on the respondents’ digital navigation & collect more insights.
  • CALL RECORDINGS: Get the call recordings saved in your dashboard or save it in your disk.
  • SUIT YOUR NEEDS: With no pre-selection on the nature of the discussion, you can use it in multiple ways by involving 2 to 15 people.
  • DEDICATED TECH SUPPORT: While this is DIY, we’ve tech support at all the time to give you a better experience.

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