Associate Director - Marketing & AI Implementation

Dreaming of a career in Marketing, Vineet started his professional journey in Sales at Times Group (BPHCL). Having spent a little over a couple of months in sales, an opportunity for a lateral shift beckoned, which he grabbed with both hands to start his marketing career as a copywriter. His ad copies appeared in national & regional dailies and handled all the content requirements for internal & external stakeholders.

With over a decade of marketing experience covering traditional and digital campaigns, Vineet always draws parallels in medicine & marketing. Professionals in either field need to upskill themselves regularly because there is neither an end to diseases/treatments nor marketing strategies in a fast-evolving business environment. He swears by this school of thought and pushes his team to stay on top of the learning curve all the time. Forayed into AI & ML based marketing, he has proven capabilities in mapping digital campaign strategies, content marketing, and analytics. In his current role at Markelytics, Vineet heads the Marketing, PR & AI Implementation for B2B, B2C & Product brands.

An executive alumnus of IIM Calcutta, Vineet calls the double helix structure of his DNA to be intertwined with marketing.