Whizz Surveys is a DIY Insights tool that addresses all your research problems in survey programming and online data collections by providing real-time insights. Easy to use and easy to integrate, Whizz Surveys helps you establish a closer connect with your customers. Not just this, you can even interview a larger base of consumers through our panel, which is integrated with the tool and gives you the feasibility and cost within seconds after indicating your required sample details. If you have your consumers, just integrate our tool with your website/app through API/SDK and gain access to the valuable insights from your consumers. Let’s make research smarter through Whizz Surveys.

We don’t profess before we prove! Try our promotional offer of free subscription and judge for yourself.

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How it Helps

A DIY tool that address all research problems in survey programming and online data collection




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Use Cases

Brand Evaluation


With Whizz Surveys, perform objective evaluations of your brands that allows you to view it as a potential investor would and also help you with the opportunity to correct any problems you might find.

Customer Feedback


Collecting and acting upon feedback is a must for any business and at Whizz Surveys, creating surveys and reaching out to over millions of customers is like a piece of cake. You can conduct feedback surveys starting INR 5 only!

Ad Testing


Advertising costs are an expensive component of marketing, and hence testing it can help you avoid costly mistakes. Also understanding the various types of information and how to utilize them can be intimidating. But this could be eased out with Whizz Surveys wherein you can test a lot of advertisements and collect instant insights.

Concept Testing


Concept testing is a valuable step to identify perceptions, want and needs to be associated with a product or service. With Whizz Surveys get big ideas right, with saving a lot of time and money, also identify, assess and position your product/brand better.

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  • Connect with consumers through our easy to integrate SDK/API
  • Multiple versions to suit your need while programming your survey
  • 12 essential question types available
  • Six different survey themes/templates available
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Advanced type questions (image and video insertion)
  • Offer real-time insight
  • Import instant data from surveys
  • Mobile and desktop version available

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