M Smart Insights Suite (M-SIS) is a digital marketplace that uses machine learning and AI for easier and faster reach to the world of insights. A Panel owner, A Researcher, A Survey Programming seeker, A Community seeker, A Market Research Company or an Agency seeking insights from triple opt-in global consumers – Welcome to the smarter world of digital solutions. One product that gives you a multitude of solutions to manage, engage and link the panellists with buyers and sellers of online panels at a global level.

This is a comprehensive suite and a modern approach to the problems faced in panel recruitment, management, engagement, analysis and reach to samples even from hard to reach segments from across the globe apart from providing one stop solution for project management and community development & engagement.

How it Helps

An intelligent and comprehensive research platform, where future of insights could be lived and loved.




  • Manage your panels, recruit members and track activities under one roof
  • A router technology to provide panellists additional survey opportunities
  • Realistic feasibility calculator for estimating any target group
  • Micro-profiling surveys to expand and improve profiling
  • Updated technology to tag each respondent with anonymous IDs
  • Robust technology to prevent survey de-duplicates
  • Browser Fingerprinting to validate the respondents
  • Complete solution for sample supply management
  • Complete control over the studies from start to finish
  • Recruit using a double/ triple opt-in method
  • Create Custom community and launch polls, discussions, surveys
  • DIY tool to create surveys at ease & launch to our panel or your own customers
  • All solutions designed to comply with the standards of global research organizations
  • All solutions connect to the MSIS platform creating an open, transparent sample marketplace

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