M Smart Community (MSC) is a platform to give easier & wider access to digital insights from consumers across the globe. The platform helps to conduct online qualitative research, like IDI, FGD, in a seamless and efficient way through advanced built-in technological integrations & functions. With the help of this platform, you can create custom community and regularly engage with them through posts, surveys, polls, discussions et al. All the data and recordings could be instantly downloaded for your analysis in a single platform.

The accessibility and reliability makes the research smarter with MSC.

How it Helps

A platform to conduct online qualitative research, in a seamless and efficient way through advanced built-in technological integrations and functions.



Use Cases

Everyone finds difficulties in obtaining online qualitative research, but it is the heart of MSC platform, which makes it really easy to conduct online qualitative interviews and build custom communities.

In-Depth Interviews (IDI)


Create and engage with your target audience. Conduct IDIs online with our built-in dashboard which contains significant options like video call, audio call, chat board, question probing, screen sharing, audio recording, chat recording, downloading etc.

Focus Group Discussions (FGD)


Create qualitative group interviews at a time with our online survey platform. Send requests to your favorable panellists for discussions and interviews for an agreed time and date, where you could record and download the discussed/interviewed data.

Product Testing


Measure the properties/ performance of your products. Inform your community about your products and interested panellists could share images and participate in surveys after testing the products. Ensure that consumers can understand what your product will do for them and which products are of the best value.

Mystery Shopping


Conduct regular audits and measure the quality of customer experience. Recruit panellists, create a community via our MSC platform and provide them questionnaires/ forms for recording their experience along with which they could upload relevant images and bills for their responses.


  • Create posts: A dashboard to create posts and discussions for members
  • Significant options for surveys: Create posts/discussions through our vast variety like video, audio, surveys etc.
  • Create quick polls: Get instant responses to your posts/discussions by using our quick polls dashboard
  • Create short surveys: A DIY tool where can create a 25 question survey
  • Qualitative research: Revolutionize by bringing offline activities/researches like IDI and FGD to an online platform
  • Schedule posts/discussions: Schedule your drafts/posts with an inbuilt calendar by selecting the preferred date and time.
  • Start a community: Send out a request form to us to start a new community
  • Manage activities: Manage day-to-day activities of your community
  • Members: See the demographics and member lists of your community
  • Reported Contents: See all the reported contents from your community, if any
  • Edit/Customize page: Customize your community page, logo, cover image etc. whenever you wish to
  • Download data: Download your audio/ video recordings, chat recordings etc. that are driven from your community through your posts/ discussions