As companies contemplate foraying into the global marketplace for their brands, the intrinsic need to understand consumer minds, in places far and wide, becomes evidently invaluable. At Markelytics, we recognize this inherent business need and design global solutions to best suit your objectives through our exceptional expertise in International Research Design and Global Project Management.

Take a look at the services offered:

Markelytics has an edge over others in providing global project management as we understand international market research well and advise clients on factors that should be considered while engaging in global studies.
In an effort to help researchers and marketers design and implement improved international research studies, Markelytics has trained project managers to prioritize, have clear understanding of project scope, focus efforts for specific results and to design and develop consistent methods for tracking results.
Our managers are periodically trained to understand both local and global nuances, knowledge management and transfer methods. We are prepared to face a variety of challenges to conduct research across borders with optimum use of people resources and proper communication among all stakeholders. We give detailed attention to the nuances related to Primary Data Collection and Questionnaire localization in each market.
Finally, a single-point of contact at Markelytics is what you get for hassle-free project management.
We do Research Design and Questionnaire design to effectively undertake Data Collection from various segments and geographical locations.
For Quantitative global data collection, we offer telephone interviews, internet studies, computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), Paper and pencil interviewing (PAPI), door-to-door, E-mail and mail surveys, and online market research fieldwork. We prepare perfect questionnaires based on objectives ready for online survey, CATI or face-to-face.
For Qualitative research, we execute in-Depth Interview, Online and Offline Focus Groups, Competitive Intelligence and Desk Research targeting different markets across the globe including Asia, Africa, America and Europe.
Utilizing the most technologically advanced tools to get you fastest results is what sets us apart. At Markelytics, we design surveys using latest technology, interactive tools, gamification techniques, etc. Our interactive surveys are revolutionizing the way companies worldwide conduct market research. Markelytics’ state-of-the-art survey design technology, using variety of components like Flash & HTML, makes surveys more engaging, interesting and rewarding for the respondents to aid quality data collection in a short span of time.
Some of the tools that we use are:
  •     Nebu (Dub-Quest)
  •     Confirmit
  •     MR Dimensions
  •     EFS
  •     Beacon (Decipher)
  •     Several other client proprietary software
To process the data collected and insights recorded, we utilize a broad range of sophisticated software customized to our clients’ needs. Data cleaning and validation is important and we use open end coding, basic tabbing, Bivariate & multivariate analysis, Tabulation using any tabulation packages like SPSS, WinCross, Quantum, Uncle, Market Sight, etc, and advanced analysis.
At Markelytics, we are proficient to interpret any kind of data on any platform. We generally use the below stated tools to turn raw data into meaningful information and business insights.
  •     SPSS
  •     WinCross
  •     Quantum / Qunvert
  •     Uncle
  •     Market Sight
  •     MS Access and other client specified packages
What we offer is reliable data reporting using latest tools and methods for Data Processing, Translation, Tabulation and Analysis.
Translation of questionnaires from one language to another, open-end responses or any other document also forms a part of Analysis and Reporting.
  •     Translation of open-end responses
  •     Data conversion and preparation
Reporting may involve charting and graphing, report-writing and data interpretation (using MS PowerPoint, MS Word) etc.
  •     Charts and graphics
  •     Report writing and data interpretation