Markelytics Solutions has varied online panels of Consumer, Healthcare and B2B panels across Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

The total panel comprises over 5 million panelists or respondents and counting! The panel is authenticated with strict quality check points. All the panelists are verified via telephone and email/fax as per the information provided by them. Our panel attrition for last year was 4.67% globally.

We conduct research in accordance with CASRO/ESOMAR Code of Conduct. We strictly ensure the privacy of all our panelists and never sell the details to any third party.

Our Panel consists of:

General Population and Consumers

Markelytics has proprietary panels in Asia and has access to several consumer panels globally. We can target audience with their gender, status, age, ethnicity, education, etc. to do Product Testing or Concept Evaluation studies.

Information Technology professionals and Decision Makers

We have IT professionals panel in North America, Europe and Asia. We can target Small, Medium and Large enterprises for IT managers and decision makers. We also have conducted research among organizations who are $ Billion and above.

Automotive, Telecom, Finance and Retail

We cater to different industries and also have access to other panels in the area of Automobiles, Telecom, Finance and Retail.

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