Me-Grow Enterprise

Me-Grow Enterprise is an all-inclusive research automation powerhouse tailored for large enterprises. With Me-Grow Enterprise, you’ll harness the full spectrum of research capabilities, including crafting tailored questionnaires, seamlessly deploying surveys via QR codes, mobile devices, email, embed in webpage or app etc., and effortlessly analyzing data through our intuitive dashboard.

Our platform will also empower you to conduct online in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus group discussions (FGDs), cultivate brand communities, and manage panels with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Experience a new era of cost-efficiency and lightning-fast results for all your insight needs. Build a comprehensive database of your real customers & engage with them regularly for deeper insights into your customer base.

Online Qualitative Solutions



Create your own survey or use pre-set feedback templates


Create, host and manage your customer panel & research projects


Intelligent real-time insights for clear data comprehension


Schedule & manage virtual group/individual discussions with your customers for deeper insights


Create and manage online communities for quick, efficient and insightful research and engagement

Multi-launch Approach

Launch multiple questionnaires simultaneously through different channels

Construct Customer Database

Over time, develop an authentic customer database to engage with them for valuable insights

ScanIn Solutions

Unlocking Intelligent Insights

The ScanIn solution offers QR-led intelligent insights for customer-facing brands through a centralized approach for collecting insights from multiple stores, products, or brand touchpoints to build efficient strategies.

Customer ScanIn

Built to assist customer facing businesses to gather reliable customer insights

Pack ScanIn

For research involving QR codes on packaging; suitable for various types of studies

The trust of 20 years & global expertise covering 80+ countries bring a paradigm shift into ways large enterprises should do research.
Centralize. Customize. Capitalize.

Experience the Product


Centralized Research Hub

Me-Grow Enterprise centralizes the entire research process, making it a one-stop solution for all your research needs


Collect crucial feedback seamlessly through single/multiple QR codes on different parameters for efficient strategy building


Connect & engage with your customers on a more personal level. Incentivize them to gain their interest & loyalty


Understand customer pulse and market trends to provide tailored experiences and enable effective marketing initiatives

Efficiency and

Experience cost-efficiency and rapid results, enhancing your ability to make timely decisions in an effective manner

Customer Database Building

Build a comprehensive customer database, facilitating regular engagement for deeper customer insights

Case Studies

A sneak peek into how Me-Grow Enterprise helps Businesses