Me-Grow Merchant

Businesses now face significant challenges in retaining customers due to intense competition and the vast array of options available to consumers. We tried to identify these challenges & developed Me-Grow Merchant to fill these gaps in a fast & cost-effective way. It is a tech-enabled SaaS product built to address the growing needs of small businesses in terms of providing comprehensive insights into their customers & competition, along with enhancing their marketing capabilities to get closer to their customers.

Online Qualitative Solutions


Unlock Customer Insights

Collect feedback through surveys, ratings, and reviews to analyse & identify trends

Create Unique Database

Create a tailored database & streamline marketing & engagement activities

Run Promotional Ads

Elevate sales with targeted ad campaigns through SMS & WhatsApp.

Automate Marketing

Deliver personalized content to your customers and save time with automation

Real-Time Insights

Gain real-time business insights, monitor key metrics, and optimize strategies

AI-Powered Recommendations

Craft better strategies through AI-driven recommendations

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Market reach of 10-40K businesses

Comprehensive support & training

End-to-end partner support

Developed after extensive research

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Business Growth & ROI

Targeted strategies, customer-focused approaches, and enhanced service resulting in business growth and increased ROI

Tailored Customer Experience

Align your products, services, and experiences with customer needs through personalized and relevant interactions

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Actively listen & act upon customers' suggestions, complaints, compliments to foster loyalty through meaningful interactions

Feedback Management

Get real-time feedback to understand customer needs & preferences, guiding your strategies

Increase Customer Retention

Safeguard and elevate your business reputation, attracting new customers while retaining existing ones

Data-driven Decisions

Make informed choices and allocate resources wisely, differentiating your offerings and addressing unmet needs