Healthcare Market Research Driven by Digital Transformation


Healthcare research is essential to find answers to the unknown and its impact on healthcare professionals. Markelytics offers healthcare solutions that adapt digital transformation for their healthcare market research with the help of a well-defined research study capitalizing on insights gained from AI, minimizing a lot of redundant methods, thereby imparting speed and accuracy.

With a century of digitization, the internet is the prime factor that has turned data collection into an easier and much faster process. Earlier, to lay the foundation for a company’s reputation, the process took place through verbal recommendations, posters, TV and radio advertisements that contributed the most over an extended period, but now, online reputation plays a very important role in establishing and maintaining a relationship with current or potential patients/panelists which can effectively speed up the process by communicating quickly and getting a quick response about patients’ behavior as well as their attitude towards the treatment or the physician or specific medicine.

How can we help?

With a combined experience of 130+ years in the field of healthcare market research and 21+ years in business in the healthcare industry with a core team of accomplished researchers, analysts and project managers with domain expertise in the healthcare sector set us apart from all the competitors. Our global healthcare market research proprietary panel has its presence in over 19+ countries. Markelytics healthcare panel will help you gather inputs on what you want to hear from around 580,000+ healthcare/medical professionals over more than 75+ specialities.

A few examples of Markelytics healthcare market research project outcomes that have resulted in positive outcomes and maximum value for our clients:

Evaluation of a potential healthcare product in Oncology Research: 

The survey was conducted to know the recommendation of tube feeding formulas for Cancer patients hence engaging Dieticians and Oncology Nurses.

It was a study to evaluate parenteral nutrition for pediatric and neonatal patients and to identify, evaluate and prioritize what is needed in the formulation of the next generation of Parenteral Nutrition for pediatric and neonatal patients.

Understand the Current Medication for Children Suffering from Asthma. Assessing a pharmaceutical company to understand the approach towards prescribed and non-prescribed medications for children suffering from asthma.

Evaluation of Patients’ Usage Behavior & Preference among Dental Products. The purpose of this study was to look into various dental products available in the market, their usage and the patients’ preference for one product over the other.

Markelytics Global Healthcare Panel:

75+ Specialties covered

Below is the partial list of medical specialties covered:

Medical Oncology Dermatology
Rheumatology Gastroenterology
GP/FM/PCP Neurology
Hematology Oncology Pulmonology
Cardiologists NP / PA
Hematology Endocrinology
Allergy & Immunologist OBGYN
Pharmacist Psychiatrist
Ophthalmology Nephrology
Nurse Pediatrics
Vascular Surgeon Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine Urology
Orthopedics General Surgeons
Interventional Cardiology Urology
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Hepatology
Dental Hygienist Dentist
Emergency Medicine Interventional Radiology
Pain Management Specialist

Panel Quality:

Markelytics ensure all the quality measures because the data is only as good as the panel. Our numbers speak for themselves from the source of data collected from the panelists with regular quality checks to warrant a security level.

Proxy & Browser Detection: From registration through survey entries and exits, browser IP is captured and made unique.

IP Geofencing: Locates the registrant’s country location through IP address and determines their eligibility.

Postal Address Verification: Verify the registrant’s postal address and zip/postal code against a current local address directory.

Triple Opt-in Verification: Email & phone number verification via verification link and OTP.

Fraud Protection: Blocks suspicious & fraudulent submissions.

Unique digital ID to ensure no multi responses.

Markelytics Healthcare market research panel generates an in-depth analysis and pioneers in healthcare market research with our online research providing end-to-end healthcare market research solutions – Data collection & Project Management, Programming and Hosting,  under one roof across various healthcare specialities with having developed a database across 19+ major countries, 580,000+ Healthcare Professionals and 1000+ Healthcare Projects delivered last year, we help our clients assess the healthcare market dynamics and develop growth strategies through insights and opinion.