Markelytics Solutions offers Full-Service Research in Consumer, B2C and B2B segments. We offer highly intuitive and innovative end-to-end solutions, which are based on learnings gathered over years of experience in working with the best marketing minds in the business. This innate knowledge is aided with latest analysis techniques and software packages to process information to provide market intelligence and deeper insights to marketing professionals.

Devising bespoke research solutions for our clients has been our forte all along. We believe in the totality of any process. The z-factor which we adopt to cater to our clients’ research needs is a combination of process and practical logic. Our core competence lies in understanding the specific need of the hour, using the best research design and techniques to arrive at quick turnaround solutions using our global field resources, Specialty Online Panels, telephone (mobile and fixed lines) and syndicated reports across the globe.

Markelytics understands how to zero-in on a client's real and most pressing needs and deliver practical, effective and intuitive solutions that will give them a razor-sharp competitive edge. Our expertise lies in looking for workable solutions to complex and difficult problems and delivering on time and on the mark. And, we don't just do market research – we are in the business of delivering Powerful Insights.

We specialize in offering customized research solutions to cater to your specific needs. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’. Our research models are holistic and structured around all aspects affecting your business. Employing practical and user-friendly research designs, our research team ensures that we can offer workable and affordable solutions to address the market as well as the consumer.
The best of Quantitative and Qualitative research methodologies are employed to gain valuable insights from various stakeholders. Sophisticated analytics are then applied to the data to arrive at interesting and meaningful inferences. A complete 360 degree view then helps us to recommend intuitive solutions. Our Customized Research Team has accomplished researchers who have spent many years interacting with Clients as well as those who have interacted with researchers as Clients, and their knowledge and familiarity extends to various markets.
Some of our Customized Research Solutions include:
  • Brand Health & Brand Tracking Studies
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Concept & Product Testing
  • Consumer Satisfaction Studies
  • Market Segmentation Studies
  • B2B/Industrial Research
  • Advertising Pre/Post Testing
  • Promotion and Media Research
  • Start-up and Market Entry Strategy Studies
Some of our Clients whom we have collaborated with include – Royal Images, Volkswagen, Credit Suisse, ABN AMRO, BBC, Citigroup, Valeo, Symphony Telica, Cisco, Wipro, CRISIL, Sanspareils Greenlands, Nissin Foods, Panasonic, General Mills, Roche (Canada)
Sometimes research needs to be done in a jiffy – no luxury of time or large budgets but you still need the intelligence and assurance of market feedback. We have just the right service you need. Our Quick-Turnaround research model allows you to get to the market with your specific needs and get a quick check and feedback at very affordable costs. The use of modern technology in designing and capturing data through online panels and web based surveys all adds to the quality of service and reliability of accurate data in no time.

    Quick-Turnaround studies are best suited to understand or evaluate:

  • Ad Recall
  • Promotional Campaign Evaluation
  • Brand Recall/Trial/Usage
  • Targeted Segment Check – Teenagers, kids, women, youth
  • Opinion Polls
  • New Product Launch Evaluation

Markelytics offers its services across the globe having field support and data collection teams in more than 80 markets worldwide. While full service research is managed by the customized research division in Bangalore, India; we have the capabilities of covering research requirements across Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East. Our presence in Singapore, Japan, US and India adds to our overall capabilities to offer customized research solutions irrespective of where you are based or which market you wish to study or explore. 

Experience and exposure to various studies globally has ensured we have gathered varied and in-depth knowledge across some key sectors of the markets. These core segments represent keys areas of market growth currently and for the future. Our research team has worked closely with market leaders to explore, understand, analyze and interpret the ‘consumer speak’ into meaningful insights leading to innovative solutions to marketing problems.
    Some key sectors we cover:
  •     Consumer products – Non Durables and Durables
  •     Automotive
  •     Banking and Financial Services
  •     Health & Pharma
  •     Retail and Online e-tailing
  •     Property Development & Management
  •     Startup and Market Entry Strategies - across segments