Meet the Markelyte - Yogesh

Yogesh Phatangare, who started his journey 3 years ago at Markelytics in MIS department, is now a product manager of the Web Development team. He is passionate individual who is always on a look out to create new, unique and creative tech-products with his team. Believes that passion and innovation combined together can bring a lot to the table and acts as a stepping ladder in the growth of the organization. 


Give a snapshot of your career progression over the years at Markelytics?

I started my journey here, by delivering online MIS before I moved to develop products for Market Researchers. We needed a capable team of developers, testers and designers to perform this task. And we did just that. We built a team which grew since 2015 forming a team of 25+ member, building products and taking them to the next level with the latest trends. Over this period, we had to interact with many teams to understand their concerns and provide necessary options in the products. It is a great feeling to work from the scratch and see the desirable results. In a short period of time, I’ve moved up the ladder and wish to continue in the same trajectory.

Describe your team.

My team is cheerful and fun loving. We as a team are clear on the organizational goals and have measurable objectives to deliver. Team is very good at understanding and solving problems by taking effective decisions, thereby making healthy contribution to the organization. We ensure that every day there is a value addition to individuals’ skill-sets and a better personality is reflected.

Why do you think anyone should choose Markelytics to work?

A place where work becomes as enjoyable as life itself. Everyone here is passionate to learn, share what they learn, honestly commit to their work and deliver results, regardless of whatever role they play in the organization. And the feeling is contagious as it reflects on their finished work.

What is your management style?

My management style lies somewhere between Laissez Faire and Democratic. I rely on my team to perform sophisticated tasks, always open to their feedback and ideas.

Your mantra of life

Just live, enjoy your life and keep moving ahead.


Role of your team in the success of Markelytics.

My team has delivered various applications which are a big help to the organization in their work/project management and has given new dimension in our overall offerings. In today’s fast evolving digital world, it is imperative that our research processes are aligned with the technological advancements. We thought this and we as a team feel proud that we’re moving towards excellence now. Similarly, for researchers, we have an all-in-one tool to manage their studies with ease. Every year we are making our products more diversified and unique in the market. I would owe it to the pro-active thinking of the management and their vision for the days ahead.

One liner for someone who is new at Markelytics.

Life is too short to worry about little things. Keep your head up, work hard and you will eventually rise up in your career and personal life.

Share a fun-fact that no one knows about you

I cannot watch scary movies alone no matter what.

Describe yourself in three words.

I would describe myself as someone who is passionate, focused and innovative.

What are the three things that you look out for before hiring any candidate?

All three things I see in myself, I try to see them in my candidates too. So the three important traits I look out for before hiring a candidate, is their Passion, their dedication towards work and their innovative mind. And to add, I also look out for people who are keen to learn, lead and leverage.

Your motivational pill for the team

Always review your goals in 5 minutes.