Meet the Markelyte - Mahesh

Meet Mahesh, Senior Manager in sales, a dynamic personality who is an inspiration to his team members. As a senior manager he is known for instilling and boosting confidence in his team. A classic example of how hard work can take you to places. His managerial style is strong as he believes everybody has their views and ideologies that should be respected as anybody’s, regardless of their position in the organization.



Give a snapshot of your career progression over the years at Markelytics?

From a senior executive in one of the renowned BPO unit till my journey as a Sr.Manager in sales, the progression of my career over the number of years at Markelytics has been really interesting and it’s been a truly learning experience with leaps and bounces. The kind of on job training, the amount of confidence shown on me and the opportunity provided to exhibit my skills both at professional arena and at personal levels have been immense which actually sculpted my personality from a raw stone to a respectable statuette in the society, all thanks to my Directors, beloved colleagues and various teams I have been involved with who helped me to take steps in a right direction of growth curve.

Describe your team.

My team is a very smart and aggressive unit that relentlessly strives hard for success through its genuine field expertize, clear commitments, zeal to perform with quality by showing exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
Sales and bidding team works in tandem, it is a real force to reckon.

Why do you think anyone should choose Markelytics to work?

If you need a place where you can explore way in to this Market Research World then ideally “Markelytics” is the best place to choose where you can learn very strong basics added with lots of opportunity to exhibit your core skills post gaining experience on the domain, Markelytics is one of the very few companies which allows and respects individual’s talent that can assist the overall organizational growth thus providing more liberty to work, grow and prosper.

What is your management style?

I believe in ‘learn and let learn’ policy, team should always have the liberty to express their views and ideology, not a strong believer of positional aspects but I do believe that your position should be recognized by the people around you by the kind of quality deeds exhibited from your end but NOT by showing or mis-using managerial liberty or privileges allotted to that role or designation.


Role of your team in the success of Markelytics.

Without a team there is no success, although one can have superlative skills and qualities to succeed but it cannot be a one man show, hence team work is very important and it is even more important to be a good team player. I had a privilege to head various such teams and complete credit goes to them, also the current team where I am an integral part of it, the team success depicts success of Markelytics.

One liner for someone who is new at Markelytics.

I think it applies to all: “If you stop learning then you will stop earning”, hence avoid distractions, gossips to focus and excel in your career growth.

Share a fun-fact that no one knows about you

My 3 year old son keeps on saying “Pappa don’t be so naughty”

Describe yourself in three words.

Committed, Candid and Contender.

What are the three things that you look out for before hiring any candidate?

Assertive Attitude, Professional expectations and Commitment towards work.

Your mantra of life

Always compete within since only a diamond can cut diamond.

Your motivational pill for the team

God teamed up with his own creature “Human” to create this wonderful world, hence do believe in team work and collective effort.