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Meet the Markelyte - Deven Pajai

Deven Pajai, an exceptional leader and a market research whiz is one of the brilliant minds at Velocity MR, the full arm service of Markelytics solution. He always has the go-getter attitude that inspires his team to give their best and prove themselves at each step of their personal and career development.

How Can Communities Solve Marketers' Conundrum?

Media Coverage: Entrepreneur India

The customer of today is a master puppeteer - it is the customer who has access to all the strings. Businesses can no longer afford to assume a brand-centric view. The customer is armed with multiple digital channels, and brand loyalty is a hard to find commodity. Companies need to be where customers are, understand their world and provide intuitive solutions to their problems.

Meet the Markelyte - Priya Vasudev

Meet Priya Vasudev, an inspirational leader at work. She is a role model, who has constantly been looked up to and highly respected by her team and peers. Priya has been a Markelyte for over a decade now and every year she has outperformed, making her indispensable in the organization. But what makes her an exceptional individual is not defined just by her work, her personality and attitude towards everyone around her make her a true leader. 

Meet the Markelyte - Martin

Neba Martin Njombo, a positive, ambitious and amicable individual, started his journey at Markelytics as a trainee process specialist but through hard work and dedication, he now manages a data collection EU team. He made hard work as the core of his foundation and so his special motivational pill for his team is, not surprisingly – ‘Hard work leads to success and growth. We can be a better leader if we lead more by example’.  

Leveraging Technology to Understand Customer Feedback Better

Media Coverage: Your Story

In this age and time where the customer is the king, brands need to constantly question themselves if their product or service is keeping the customers happy enough to be recommended. Brands also need to keep in check customer complaints, suggestions, opinion, and most importantly the brand-related conversations which the customer has on social media.

Digital Transformation of Financial Services

Media Coverage: Finance Derivative

India’s banking and financial services sector is in the middle of a digital revolution. Just look at the number of digital payment apps available for download on your smartphone. From newspaper vendors to your milkman, many service providers are open to receiving payments via apps. Money transfer is smooth and efficient, and banking is more consumer-centric than ever before.

An Eve to Remember & Rejoice: Celebrating our 15th Anniversary in Style

Every birthday in a person’s life depicts their journey so far, their experiences and the story of their life. For us, February 2, 2019, was something like that, similar to a birthday but much more special as it marked the completion of 15 glorious years of success.

Celebrating Children’s Day: A Small Treat for the Minds that hold big Dreams

A strong foundation is a key to all the success stories that we have heard or seen. The same applies to the success of our country, and its foundation is laid by our children who are going to take us forward in the journey of growth. It is quintessential that we acknowledge, applaud and appreciate the tenderness in the lives of these bright kids. One of the most important personalities of our country, Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India loved children probably more than anybody else.

The Impact of Technology on Market Research

Media Coverage: Entrepreneur India

Once characterized by traditional methods, Market Research in India is slowly giving way to evolved technologies like social media, improved data collection software, advanced analytics etc. in the last few years. No surprise that the advent of technology in market research is impacting modern-day marketing considerably. 

Meet the Markelyte - Yogesh

Yogesh Phatangare, who started his journey 3 years ago at Markelytics in MIS department, is now a product manager of the Web Development team. He is passionate individual who is always on a look out to create new, unique and creative tech-products with his team. Believes that passion and innovation combined together can bring a lot to the table and acts as a stepping ladder in the growth of the organization. 

Meet the Markelyte - Mahesh

Meet Mahesh, Senior Manager in sales, a dynamic personality who is an inspiration to his team members. As a senior manager he is known for instilling and boosting confidence in his team. A classic example of how hard work can take you to places. His managerial style is strong as he believes everybody has their views and ideologies that should be respected as anybody’s, regardless of their position in the organization.

Importance of market research for the healthcare sector

Media Coverage: Your Story

As an industry, market research may not have even existed today if it weren't for a schoolteacher, a company acquisition, and a lot of farm equipment. Charles Coolidge Parlin was a Wisconsin schoolteacher who had no marketing experience when he was hired by the Curtis Publishing Company in 1911. 

Meet the Markelyte - Rachan

Rachan K. A, Associate Director-HR, has been a Markelyte for over seven years. She is known for her people’s skill and is responsible for all the talent-recruits she has had in the organization. She is an inspiring person who believes that with patience and hard work there is no obstacle that you cannot surpass.



How market research can share insights for Indian companies to scale globally

Media Coverage: Your Story

According to recent studies, India currently has the second-largest number of global multinational corporations among the emerging economies. These businesses have, by and large, sustained their growth momentum by moving to international markets when the timing was right. Notably, the growth rates in international markets are far higher than in domestic markets.

Meet the Markelyte - Prem Kumar

Meet Prem, a veteran at Markelytics for over 13 years. A highly respected, dynamic individual, filled with zealous to perform any tasks and excellent in his field of work, is one of those inspiring persona that everyone should learn about.




Hyderabadi dads, coolest dads

Media Coverage: New Indian Express

HYDERABAD: Even as we celebrate women and talk of their multiple roles including that of a mother, we also need to acknowledge how men are adapting to the changing role of the dad. Today’s fathers aren’t just defined as a breadwinner or by their professional credentials, they are now a part of every phase of their kid’s life. 

Meet the Markelyte - Preethi

Preethi Murali, who is with Markelytics for more than 7 years, now serves as Associate Director & leads a multi-functional team. She is a trendsetter and well known for her professionalism and proactiveness.
Know her inspiring tale and the ladder she climbed.

The Rise of online surveys/polls and its implications on brands

Media Coverage: Next Big What

At its core, online surveys/polls are practical and powerful tool since it incorporates a comprehensive social strategy. A newspaper in Pennsylvania is widely credited with having conducted the very first poll way back in 1824. Polls conducted then was typically surveys leading up to elections.

New feather to Markelytics at Market Research Summit 2017

Markelytics stands tall among best marketers

The latest summit on “Purposeful Marketing” by World Marketing Congress recognizes Markelytics once again for its tremendous growth and being a leading global market research agency.

In the two days conference held at Mumbai Mr. Jasal R Shah, MD/CEO of the company was honored with “MOST INFLUENTIAL MARKET RESEARCH PROFESSIONAL” citation for his contribution to the Market Research World. This adds a new feather to the company and great appreciation to the leader’s vision.

How Technology has Revolutionised Market Research Deployment

Media Coverage: BWDisrupt - Business World

Technology is rapidly changing around us. Today we are surrounded in our day to day lives with devices ranging from Mobile and Wearable Technologies, Cloud Computing Solutions, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Such dynamic changes in behavioural patterns has impacted every walk of life including Businesses and Market Research.

Jasal Shah: A Courageous Idealist-cum-Researcher who Successfully Utters his Expedition

Media Coverage: Insight Success

“The market research seems as a systematic investigation aimed at discovering what is going on and, most importantly, on what is changing in the environment,” says Jasal Shah, Managing Director and CEO of Markelytics Solutions.

India Inc. on World Environment Day

Media Coverage: Estrade

Every year, June 5, is celebrated as World Environment Day. The day was first designated by the UN General Assembly in 1972 on the first day of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which resulted in the first hosting of World Environment Day (WED) in 1974, with the theme “Only One Earth” In 2017, the host nation is Canada, with the theme, “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”.

How Online Surveys in Market Research are Driving Change

Media Coverage: Entrepreneur

In today’s competitive market place, it is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to stand out from the clutter. And in that context market research has grown to become a strategic tool used by forward-looking companies to help drive their business objectives.

Taking Marketing Research & Analytics to new heights

Media Coverage: Asia Biz Today

Jasal had an inherent inclination towards data-based decision making and this wrote the script of his career. He started  his career with IDC (International Data Corporation) & IMRB (Part of the Kantar Group, WPP’s information, insight and consultancy division), wherein a structure was laid to his overall thought process coupled with technical comprehension of global market research.

‘#WonOverMEN’- A Unique Campaign by Markelytics to Celebrate the Spirt of Feminism

Media Coverage: Media Infoline

Markelytics Solutions Ltd, a global market research agency held an internal campaign - #WonOverMEN, to commemorate International Women’s Day. On this day, the company took the initiative to felicitate women achievers and held various events for its female employees.

'LO DO KHATAM KARO' cuts across the e-wallet clutter, gives Freecharge significant prominence over its competitors

Media Coverage: Freecharge Blog

Bangalore, India: Markelytics Solutions, a global research conglomerate, shared the results of a consumer research done for e-wallets in India in April- June 2016. Cut-throat competition in the e-wallet segment has grown manifold with every brand looking for top of mind recall among users. 

Company of the Year 2015 - We provide a window to the Cost-Effective, Faster & Intelligent Market Research Insights

Media Coverage: Silicon India

Surfacing of new era domains such as Telecom, Media (Digital) and Insurance are facilitating the Market Research Industry to scale up to fresh statures with speckled analysis of consumer insights. Regardless of deceleration in the past, the estimated Rs.1,000 crore Market Research (MR) Industry is all set to take a gigantic soar.

Markelytics expands horizon into the Middle East

Media Coverage: Greenbook

Adding a new feather to its global crown, multi-national research firm Markelytics Solutions has recently forayed into the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The company has opened its new office in the lavish Opal Towers of Dubai.

Health is Wealth! Let us Encash it!!


with the rise in a sedentary lifestyle and a fast-food culture, coupled with the build-up of stress and toxins in our everyday life, we have seen the emergence of a new set of diseases altogether - the 'life-style related diseases', which is afflicting more and more people every day.

The phenomenon of Social Media


Not so long ago, Twitter was the monopoly of birds, Wiki was the Hawaiian for ‘fast’ and the closest one could get to “Facebook” was the face of the poet’s sweetheart that he had compared to a book. While, words like Skype, Pinterest and Vimeo were mumbo-jumbo altogether. Not so anymore.

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