India Online Consumer Panel

Tapping into a distant memory, a time when surveys were conducted as a formality. Collecting data was an impassive process, undertaken to follow protocol, if we may say so. Now, the times have changed, and the collection of data is imperative for various reasons. Data collected is subject to inspection and analysis to form a foundation for relevant business decisions. Data acts as a powerful tool, and many businesses rely on it to tap into their target audience. The scope of online research, through the internet, is groundbreaking. In the market research industry, Online Research panels enable this conveniently allowing the businesses to target specific respondents, including some hard to reach ones.

In a country like India, where culture and heritage are steeped into the very belief systems of each individual, making every consumer different. Yet there are ways and processes; one can segment the consumers of India. Building an online consumer panel for a country like India is undoubtedly an organic process. Markelytics boasts its efforts in this direction for the past 17 years, which is still on!

Markelytics India Panel:

Markelytics Solutions has Global Online Panel across segments, like Consumer, Healthcare, B2B, Automotives, but let us stick to the strengths of its India Consumer Panel in this blog. The process of building panel has always evolved, and so has the challenges. Luckily, technology has always empowered us to leap & beat all the malpractices. Markelytics has always emphasized maintaining panel quality & hence has a lot of automated checks to ensure qualified responses.

Panel Quality:

Markelytics ensure all the quality measures because the data is only as good as the panel. Our numbers speak for themselves from the source of data collected from the panelists with regular quality checks to warrant a security level.

Proxy & Browser Detection: From registration through survey entries and exits, browser IP is captured and made unique.

IP Geofencing: Locates the registrant's country location through IP address and determines their eligibility.

Postal Address Verification: Verify the registrant's postal address and zip/postal code against a current local address directory.

Triple Opt-in Verification: Email & phone number verification via verification link and OTP.

Fraud Protection: Blocks suspicious & fraudulent submissions.

Digital Fingerprint: Unique digital ID to ensure no multi responses.

Registration process & profiling for Panelists:

Prospects are subject to a unique Triple opt-in process, wherein four are followed:-

1. Register: User registers providing contact info & necessary demographic details.

2. Security Check: Security & Fraud prevention measures begin.

3. TOI: User confirms their Email Address and Phone through a confirmation email and SMS.

4. Profiling: All the consumers are profiled based on 200+ attributes, which makes them eligible for relevant surveys. Completing all the profiling questions fetches points as well.

Et voila! The prospect gets selected for the study. Users are then enabled to participate in select surveys.

Our India Consumer Panel can capture a broad demographic and geographical reach, that traverses all the cities and the various city types, including Tier-I, II, and III, through multiple adaptable methodologies to opt for based on the nature of the cities. Our proprietary tools enable us to carry out qualitative studies online - we will discuss this in our upcoming blogs! In short, our capabilities can help achieve both online & typical offline studies through online methodologies! Markelytics can launch and carry out surveys offering the most comprehensive and diverse reach to consumers across different industries.

India Online Consumer Panel

India Online Consumer Panel


India Consumer Panel Details:

The current panel size is an impressive number of 6,435,070 panelists! It is unarguably one of the largest consumer panels in India recruited through the Triple opt-in process. With Average Profiling Depth at 80%, Average Profile Completion Timeline in 48 Hours, our India consumer panel can offer qualified responses. With a healthy Average Response Rate of 19%, Markelytics ensures that the panel members are always engaged and ready to participate in surveys, this helping brands & research agencies alike.

Our Engagement Activities:

In addition to highly structured survey formats, we've identified the potential in other means of research instruments as well. To ensure the good health of our consumer panel, our panelists are engaged through various channels:

  1. Social Media
  2. Emails
  3. Online Contests
  4. Referral programs
  5. SMSs
  6. Quick Polls
  7. Push Notifications
  8. Newsletters
  9. CSR Activities
  10. Perennial Points Platform

The world is on the go! Considering that desktop time is ever-present, but the new times have given rise to the mobility of respondents and panelists. Our methodologies are specially designed to reach out and communicate with people on the move to ensure a fit on the devices used by them to make our services accessible to them on their terms, on their devices, and on their time.

Our efforts towards bridging the gap between consumers & brands through quality feedback are never-ending, and that has given rise to a few proprietary tools - we will save the details for some other time.

If you need to know from India's consumers about your brand or their changing consumption pattern or lifestyle, reach out to us now.