Health is Wealth! Let us Encash it!!


with the rise in a sedentary lifestyle and a fast-food culture, coupled with the build-up of stress and toxins in our everyday life, we have seen the emergence of a new set of diseases altogether - the 'life-style related diseases', which is afflicting more and more people every day.

However, as the affliction grows, so does the awareness about these diseases and a collective desire to check them, by taking preventive measures beforehand. This rising fad of health-consciousness has also given birth to a host of new professions ranging from that of a physiotherapist to a herbalist to a dietician; all of which are ready to take a piece from the lucrative pie of the health and wellness industry.

However, what takes the cake is the strategy of some companies in taking advantage of this trend as well as exploiting the prevailing ignorance among the general masses to peddle all sorts of stuff under the tagline of ‘healthy products’. For instance, it should not be much of a surprise, to find out that a brand of juice tagged as being very 'healthy' on account of its being sugar-free, will have done away with the unhealthy option of sugar for sure, but just a quick look at its ingredients will reveal that it has substituted sugar with the 'unhealthier' option of the chemical Aspartame instead! A fact that it conveniently forgets to mention.

Similarly, almost all the cooking oils derived from plants, that claim to be the healthier than their counterparts by touting their ‘cholesterol-free property’, do not deem it necessary to inform that plants do not have cholesterol at all! And also, that despite being ‘cholesterol-free’, thanks to their natural property, they are still bad for the heart!

This health- consciousness has seeped into our fashion industry too, with many of the cosmetics now full of ‘healthy’ ingredients, and thus it is common nowadays to find anything from green apples to cocoa butter in the whole host of cosmetic products. Chances are that we have applied more avocado to our skin and our hair in a lifetime, than we have ever eaten it!

However, the other side of the coin is that this same fashion industry, on the pretext of promoting healthy lifestyle, actually projects unrealistic and unhealthy body-images as being exemplary, especially on the minds of the impressionable youngsters, and thus the latter sometimes end up with diseases like bulimia, anorexia and depression, grossly mistaking an underweight figure for a ‘fit one’.