A Quick Way to Solve Global Reach

Global Reach for your global business

Growing and extending your business into new markets/countries can make things go sideways, particularly in the event that if your business is a startup attempting to work out an undiscovered or untapped market. Market Research can furnish businesses with relevant data of different aspects with the widest range of choices like culture, local market trends, cost patterns, market forecasts of a region and helps you scale your business to an international competition level.

To determine which steps must be taken in order to expand your business to your desired direction globally, it is imperative that you get the right insights from your online research. Markelytics offers its services across the globe having field support and data collection teams in more than 80 markets worldwide. While full-service research is managed by the customized research division in Bangalore, India; we have the capabilities of covering research requirements across Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East. Our presence in Singapore, Japan, US and India adds to our overall capabilities to offer customized research solutions irrespective of where you are based or which market you wish to study or explore.

Scale Globally to maximize choice and control

Markelytics has different online panels across the globe to ensure that your business finds the audience it needs. Scale globally to maximize choice with our panel-based market research method by connecting the dots between attitudinal and behavioural data with intensive panel profile of the respondents, Markelytics online market research panel offers a complete picture of the digital consumer that are recruited across key markets.


Global Data Collection

Markelytics unmatched panel quality comes with a one-of-its-kind due diligence process, our panelists are pre-screened and profiled appropriately so you have the right audience to get the precise set of data. Our Global Online Panels consists of:

· B2B Panel

· Consumer Panel

· Healthcare Panel

Markelytics B2B panel consists of 1.1 million panelists of different segments across sectors including business owners, business professionals, and business decision-makers that cover a wide variety of industries such as IT Decision makers, HR Decision makers, Executives, Financial analysts, small business owners, etc.

Target end users, encompassing different groups of people, like car owners or maybe the first consumers to adopt and use a new idea of the product or service. Consumer panel with 24 million registered consumers covering 80+ markets globally and a varied selection of target audience from over 200+ profiling attributes

Our healthcare panel will help you gather inputs on what you want to hear from around 100,000+ healthcare professionals with more than 150+ specialties across 25+ markets covered with a global presence such as Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Hematology, Urology, Psychiatry to name a few.

DIY Products

DIY Research platform acts as self-serve market research tools to meet your business requirements and transform the way customer insights are inserted into business decision making. Keeping this in mind, Markelytics has shaped 4 distinctive DIY Research platforms at your disposal:

  • Online Qualitative Solutions

The DIY interactive platform, with multi-sector and multi-function applicability. The platform gives a 360 degree perspective about the respondents through unique integrated features such as Facial Coding, Eye-tracking, Heat Mapping, Backroom Participants, etc.

  • Brands & Private communities

Communities offer enormous opportunities for your brand to stay relevant and take hold of the market. Brands & Private communities assist a business to manage a set of customers attached to a product/service managed at one platform for better feedback and product enhancements

  • Panel Management Solutions

Panel Management Solutions changes the way you perform market research and adapts digital revolution to help access and analyze data-driven by technology. PMS assists you in acquiring, engaging, managing and tracking the analytics of your consumers and converting your audience into panelists by precisely targeting and recruiting.

  • Feedback System Management Solutions

Allows you to create surveys without any technical know-how. Identify the respondents for panel-based research along with programming surveys, assists the visitors to communicate about their customer experience and gathers feedback and is designed to get the survey completes in no time with real-time results. A full suite of DIY Research Platforms that makes the market and customer intelligence more Accessible, Accurate and Affordable.

Why Us?

In our 17+ years in the industry, we have successfully conducted research in all different methodologies including online panels, qualitative research, global data collection, global project management with multi-country studies.

  • 80+ markets served, 200+ satisfied clients and over 6.5 million surveys completed
  • 24/6 worldwide support and proficiency in 10+ international languages
  • One-Stop Agency for end-to-end Customized and Syndicated Research Solutions in fastest turnaround time using the latest methodologies
  • Pioneers of ‘Off-Shore Outsourcing MR model’ and Online MR in India
  • Exceptional expertise in Global Project Management, Research Capabilities
  • Unmatched reach across the globe covering Asia, Africa, America, Middle-East and Europe
  • A core team of accomplished researchers, analysts and project managers with domain expertise in value addition through innovative approaches

Markelytics has a diverse team with extensive expertise, proficiency and passion when it comes to Market Research. A majority of us come from strong MR backgrounds and bring a sound understanding of client needs and preferences. We can communicate in many languages to support our clients all over the world. We are here to support you in each step of your research project process-- from preparing the questionnaire, collecting the data online and processing them to your exact needs.