How Can Communities Solve Marketers' Conundrum?

Media Coverage: Entrepreneur India

The customer of today is a master puppeteer - it is the customer who has access to all the strings. Businesses can no longer afford to assume a brand-centric view. The customer is armed with multiple digital channels, and brand loyalty is a hard to find commodity. Companies need to be where customers are, understand their world and provide intuitive solutions to their problems.

Meet the Markelyte - Priya Vasudev

Meet Priya Vasudev, an inspirational leader at work. She is a role model, who has constantly been looked up to and highly respected by her team and peers. Priya has been a Markelyte for over a decade now and every year she has outperformed, making her indispensable in the organization. But what makes her an exceptional individual is not defined just by her work, her personality and attitude towards everyone around her make her a true leader.